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Welcome to a universe of expert spa experience in Dhaka with us @ Nila Thai Spa. We have been working in Dhaka starting around 2015 and is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding confidential spa’s in the country. Our medicines and bundles have been intended to revive the personalities body and give an excellent encounter that exceptionally reflects in your prosperity.

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Professional Therapists

Professional Therapists

Our Specialists are all exceptionally prepared and wonderful which causes you to feel like its Thailand!

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We offer sumptuous Spa and Full Body Back rub for Men exclusively by Ladies, guaranteeing individual security.

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We should make this the most ℝ𝔼𝕃𝔸𝕏𝕀ℕ𝔾 weekend ever following an extremely tiring week.

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We began Nila Thai Spa since we needed to lay out where individuals could come to unwind, feel quiet, and have a great time. Assuming you are searching for the best spa and body rub focus in Dhaka’s Gulshan and Banani regions, you have come to the perfect place. We will furnish you with the most extraordinary body rub, back knead, profound tissue back rub, and body spa medicines. Our administrations are all sensibly estimated, proficient, and inviting! Dhaka Magnificence Spa will give you a remarkable spa experience. 100 percent client fulfillment is ensured! We have the best spa communities here, so come and attempt one for yourself. We trust that you will see why we are Dhaka’s top spa supplier. Cause an arrangement today and let us spoil you. Nila Thai Spa is Dhaka’s generally unwinding and quieting Spa focus. We gather people who value being outside, human expression, and attempting new things. We have expertise in giving an assortment of spa medicines that fit every individual’s necessities.

Dry Massage

Dry body massage is a highly effective method to calm and rejuvenate your body. Through gentle techniques, it aids in soothing and relaxing the body’s muscles. During a dry massage, a towel is employed to rub the muscles, effectively removing excess oil and sweat from the skin. This process works to alleviate discomfort and release tension stored in the body.

Back Pain Massage

If you’re suffering from back pain, there are numerous approaches to alleviate discomfort. Consider a soothing body massage, a treatment that incorporates pressure and heat to target the back. Body massages are an effective method for alleviating back pain, enhancing blood circulation, and increasing flexibility and range of motion in the back

Foot Massage

Foot massages offer a wonderful means to unwind and boost your general well-being. These massages have the potential to enhance circulation, alleviate discomfort, and optimize foot function. Foot massages can be administered to various areas of your feet, with the most commonly targeted areas being the arches, soles, and heels. You can enjoy foot massages.

Oil Massage

For a tranquil and stress-free massage experience, consider an oil massage. Ideal for those seeking a gentle and soothing massage, this technique involves the therapist pouring oil into their hands and kneading it into the client’s muscles. Oil massages are particularly beneficial for individuals aiming to alleviate inflammation and tension.

Full Body Massage

Massages offer an excellent method for relaxation and stress reduction. During a body massage, the therapist employs their hands, feet, and their entire body to address your neck, shoulders, and back. This type of massage is known for its mood-enhancing, stress-relieving, and sleep-improving benefits and a fine relaxzation.

Traditional Thai Massage

For a truly relaxing and stress-free massage experience, consider the Thai massage option. Not only will you experience the most soothing massage in town, but you’ll also immerse yourself in the unique culture of the massage practitioners. If you’re seeking a gentle and calming massage, the traditional Thai massage is the perfect choice

Hot Oil Massage

Receiving a massage is a highly effective method to enhance your overall health and well-being. During a hot oil massage, the application of pressure generates warmth and tightness on the skin. This process can lead to improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and a more radiant skin complexion.

Head Massage

For a day of relaxation and stress relief, consider a trip to the spa. A comprehensive massage can work wonders in alleviating tension headaches, neck pain, and various chronic conditions. When visiting the spa, it’s essential to schedule an appointment and bring along a copy of your health insurance card.

Hot Stone Massage

Stone massage is a therapeutic approach utilizing stones to massage the body. Often recommended for addressing issues like headaches and neck pain, stone massages are a means to promote relaxation and well-being. Should you prefer an alternative to stones, your therapist can opt for a different comfortable massage tool.


Our Specialists are all profoundly prepared and lovely which causes you to feel like best thai spa center in dhaka !

Address: House 22/A, Road Old 50, Dhaka 1212


Everyday Open:
Morning 10:00 AM to Night 10:00 PM

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Professional Service

Each second at our spa community is committed to your prosperity. We in all actuality do give the best spa administration at the most sensible valuing. No one but we can ensure incredible help that is reliable and more affordable than some other focus out there.

Our Special Services

If you’re in search of a rejuvenating and invigorating spa massage, don’t miss our Thai massage service. Our skilled masseuses possess the expertise to deliver deep relaxation, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated. You’ll not only enjoy a refreshing massage but also find daily activities easier to embrace.

And if you’re looking for an effective body scrub, opt for a gentle yet efficient solution. Our body scrubs, formulated with natural ingredients like salt, sugar, and oils, effectively cleanse your skin without harshness.

Nila Thai Spa stands as Dhaka, Bangladesh’s premier body scrub center, offering a comprehensive range of services, including body scrubs, face scrubs, body massages, and foot reflexology. Explore our aroma therapy services, featuring essential oils, aromatherapy baths, and foot reflexology treatments. We also provide a selection of natural ingredient-based body scrubs, such as almond oil, beeswax, and lavender oil. Notably, we offer a healthy breakfast option, complete with yogurt and fruit, a rare offering among Dhaka’s spas.

Nuru Special Massage

Special Package Massage

Rose VIP Massage

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All of our Therapists are very highly trained and beautiful


What Our Client Says
Thank you for the excellent service you provided, Mr. Nila Thai Spa manager. It is my recommendation that everyone use Nila Thai spa for body massage and spa treatments.
St. Jerry
To the esteemed manager of Nila Thai Spa, I want to express my utmost satisfaction with your services. I wholeheartedly recommend Nila Thai Spa to everyone seeking body massages and spa treatments.

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